JC B8MN | Life is art. Live it cre8tively.

Jen Bateman is a 42 year-old, agender/non-binary multimedia and performance artist, illustrator, photographer, writer, and public speaker on the autism spectrum who works with the guiding philosophy that, "Life is art." Jen is best known for their introspective blogging and vlogging, slice-of-life webcomics, meticulous ink illustrations, vintage-inspired styling, and fondness for rats.

Jen Bateman's dynamic, autobiographical work explores the complexity of identity and self-image in the modern world. It fearlessly bridges the gap between colourful humour and difficult subjects such as anxiety, depression, mental illness, love, neurodiversity, and disability. Jen uses They/Them/Sir pronouns.

Jen Bateman is married to musician and visual artist Dan Bateman.